The Tools of Manipulation

Plainly, political bubbles have reached an extent of greatly increased influence. But what wasn’t plain was what was behind the rise of these political bubbles. Powerful donors? (i.e. republican party insiders, who as a group fund and finance propaganda and interest groups, mostly exploiting wedge issues to divide people into spheres of influence, pass laws to keep themselves secret, recently I have found Robert Mercier to be an interesting one to watch – software billionaire, international investor, and financier of Breitbart) Political Operatives? (Rodger Stone – professional fabricator, Rodger Ailes – Nixon’s TV guy who founded Fox news, Kellyanne Conway – the epitome of souless professional deception, etc).  Media opportunists? (The usuals, such as Hannity, Limbaugh, but now fake news creators, new propagandists such as Steven “maybe we should have a civil war” Bannon, and sociopathic exploiters of the paranoid such as the fat slobbering conspiracy rants of Alex Jones). Even international influences such as Russia?

All together it doesn’t quite add up. These are just the usual suspects with new techniques. These past few years, with disinformation at a complete new level, a guy famous for being a disastrous narcissistic fabricated dishonest sleaze since the friggin 1980’s winning millions of votes and the exact states needed for an electoral college victory over the popular vote with extreme, extreme razor thin margins,  and people believing mountains and mountains of easily provably false crap and garbage, the old established techniques, even with new players such as Russia and new tools such as social media, it didn’t add up. The insanity I was observing could not be convincingly explained by these things alone.

Today I read a new piece of the puzzle, the sheer power of big data compiling accurate individual psychological profiles of individuals and using that as a propaganda targeting strategy. Finally, I feel like I know at least the pieces of the puzzle, even if the full extent is hidden from any one person. Finally, the new piece of the puzzle seems to have been revealed.

The article is here. The techniques described are only a few years old and have only been applied just now. It’s a bit of a read. But to me it was an amazing read.

The question becomes, with the power of moneyed and established interests to manipulate with a new technology on an entirely new level, what will stand for the truth? People want the truth. Everyone still wants the same thing. Truth, and a brighter future. But what powerful interest will back it? Manipulation and influence has achieved an entirely new level. The power now lies in the hands of the already powerful, and those willing to sink to the lowest levels to manipulate.

Half of Trump’s cabinet seems like either crazy people or republican billionaires. Two days ago he banned people from 7 countries responsible for exactly 0 American deaths on American soil while neglecting to ban people from countries who’s immigrants have caused thousands. With such power to do such utterly insane things and have it go unnoticed by his base, what can stand against the influence of these bubbles? Today he replaced 2 seats on the National “Security” council (and I really hope I’m wrong about the quotes around “Security”) with Steven Bannon, professional fabricator and propagandist and manipulator, who’s personal political views seem to be in favor of things as extreme as a civil war. Russia is funding propaganda to have California try to exit the union, meanwhile Trump continues to hype Putin. Is the country on the verge of a split deeper than ever before? A split based on hype and garbage? Or is it under a control of a new oligarchy? Another piece of information has put on it’s pants but meanwhile the lies have circulated the globe again and again. A tool has become clear but what the fuck is going on and the endgame is no where in sight. Once a somewhat obviously flawed but still vital tool in ensuring the will of the people to be heard: free speech, has instead been overtaken by garbage and lies and powerful influences, some not even American. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ENDGAME. WHERE IS IT ALL GOING.

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