Could Obama have Beaten Trump??

Dominating the headlines in my newsfeed for the last 3 days is the question: Could Obama have Beaten Trump?
Obama made some comment that he could have won and for some reason all the news institutions picked it up and it’s all over my news feed for multiple days in a row.
I have a Better Idea for a news story: “Could Obama have beaten Trump? News Flash: It doesn’t matter!! Now [Insert some real news here]“.
While people are worried about this pointless crap, real stuff is happening. When so many get their news from blogs, social media, and online sources, this is the quality of stuff that gets spread around. Everyone has their head up their asses and no one knows what’s happening! The inevitable result when this is the quality of your information!
Could Obama have won? Well,¬†he did have some vulnerabilities. But his greatest weakness besides the usual stuff they attack him on would probably have been his support for the TPP, the scary trade 5000+ page trade deal which was probably more about national security than it was about trade, except it sounded big and scary and no one knew what was in it and no one knew who was involved, and the reason no one knew is because crap like this that doesn’t matter is what people accept as news! Could he have won? I think probably. But WHO CARES. IT DOESN’T MATTER.
If people can stop caring about the crap that doesn’t matter it will be a great day for the country!


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