Lie of the Day “Trumps Appointments are a Refreshing Change”

Kellyanne Conway combines the gift of gab with the gift of being almost psychotically comfortable with big lies and pure BS.

I know at this point this statement is a few days old. But when she said it, these words, in verbatim, was put into every house in America that reads news. Well, at least a lot of them. Facebook, google news, and countless sources carried them.

When asked why Trump was appointing Generals to his cabinet including
James Mattis aka “mad dog” as secretary of defense, (who thinks he probably picked him because he likes the nick name), John Kelly as secretary of Homeland Security, and Michael Flynn as national security adviser. And all this time from the primaries I thought that Trump didn’t like generals, unless they were brash and loud (he kept going back to Patton, he probably liked the movie). Well I don’t know much about these guys, except Michael Flynn was of the opinion that a trial for Bin Ladin would have been better for the US than killing him. Say what you want about assassinations, but I don’t think Flynn understands how poltics works. It doesn’t matter how guilty Bin Ladin was of killing thousands and thousands, if you put him on trial it doesn’t matter. The people in the extremest bubbles would have had their propaganda do nothing but kick into overdrive for every day he sat on trial, and you’d have nothing but thousands and thousands of new extremists. But that’s the only thing I know about him.

Other than that, when Conway called it “refreshing” (God this woman is evil) she said it was refreshing because he wasn’t putting friends and donors on his cabinet. Except, he IS putting friends and donors on his cabinet:

Steven Mnuchin – secretary of Tresurary
Linda McMahon – head of SBA
Betsy DeVos – secretary of Education
Andy Puzder – secretary of Labor

In fact, at this point, he has at least 6 donors on his cabnet, who have given his campaign a combined 12 million dollars.

Intersting about Mnuchin is that he is a friend and donor, yes, but he also worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Also Trump nominated COO of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn to Director of National Economic Council.  Funny, after railing against Goldman Sachs during his entire campaign, accusing Ted Cruz of being “Owned by Goldman Sachs”, then accusing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of the same things. Hmmm.

Andy Puzer is also interesting for labor. Ex CEO of the parent company for Hardees and Carl’s Jr. He has said he would like to replace workers with machines, is opposed to minimum wage increases, and has run companies accused of labor violations. Well the last one, ok, big companies get accused of all kinds of stuff, doesn’t mean they’re guilty every time. He’s been fined, ,and stuff, but yeah. But for a guy who seems attracted to the idea of less jobs and less money for workers… makes about as much sense as appointing a Climate Change denier for the EPA or Rick Perry for the Dept of Energy. Which he also did.

So, turns out he has nominated Rick Perry for head of Department of Energy. Now, when Rick Perry tried to run in 2012, he was asked about the departments he wanted to cut. He tried to name the Department of Energy, but he couldn’t recall the name. Now he’s running it. Scott Pruit, a climate change denier, is Trump’s EPA pick (Trump wanted to cut the EPA, at least I think he did, during his campaign he kept referring to cutting the “department of environmental” which I think he meant the EPA).

So he DOES have friends and donors on his cabinet, so far, and for several other choices, he’s picking people who would rather destroy the very agencies they pretend to lead.  So, ignore the garbage flying from the administration, that “news sources” seem to keep going to (GOD they are out of touch), this is what’s REALLY going on.


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