A couple of excellent articles


This blog is kind of a personal chronicle – a time capsule, of what is happening politically. As such I will occasionally link articles that I like as they come out. I’ll keep it short. The first is this grapic which kinda details news outlets.


When Trump was running and he managed to have fans, I could not tell what was going on. Then I realized that all the asinine things he said and the huge lies he told and his horrendous history was not being presented to many people, while everything negative about Clinton in her long history was being played on repeat. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are anymore all that matters is what the people controlling the bubble you are in say you are. So although this doesn’t include a lot of news sources, it does include several big sources. I agree with fox being questionable, although many would consider them mainstream, they were running headlines during the last week of the campaign that were completely made up. “Clinton Indictment Imminent!!!” “Rebellion at FBI over Clinton!!!” “Unnamed and possibly non-existent sources say the FBI covered up Clinton!!!” And other utter nonsense and garbage. They bring people on who will say absolutely anything, then present it as fact. They paraphrase, misquote, and cherry pick. And every other trick in the large propagandists handbook. The are to the right as much as Huffington post is to the left, but they are bigger and slicker. They were founded over 30 years ago by Rodger Ailes to be a political operation first, news source second. You’re about as likely to hear anti-Russian news on RT than as you are to hear something that goes against the right wing narrative-of-the-moment on Fox.

The second article is an 0p-ed on Trump that summarizes his career sufficiently which is something I have struggled to do. It’s short and nice



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