Welcome to Thoughtcrime!

I think that people everywhere want the same things. They want stability, financial success, a better life for their children, and relative freedom. What a shame, if in a country of hundreds of millions, which contains many millions of brilliant, capable people, we all had to answer to the same few people who hold power over everyone else. No matter how smart, how capable, how brilliant the people in power are, they’re not smarter than the millions of brilliant people they are able to hold in check. Even if you put the best people on earth at the helm of such a system, it still chokes off the potential of the people they mean to control, and robs millions at a chance for a better life.
The most powerful tool on this earth is another person. And ultimately, powerful people, directly, or thorough some obfuscated system, get their power from controlling the less powerful.
My motivation? I spend a lot of time thinking about politics as of late, as very strange things are happening. So why not write it down? This blog is a collection of current events, thoughts, and investigations, as I try to navigate around the unbelievable obfuscation and overwhelming misinformation that floods public information. There’s not much here yet, but hopefully I can provide a reader with potential tools to fight against the manipulation that is assaulting their independent thoughts. And that’s the overall goal of this blog.


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