Lie of the Day Award: Kellyanne Conway defends Trump’s stance on Russian Interference

So, the guy who wants to “Make America Great” is just fine and peachy with a foreign power meddling in elections. Meddling in the US elections like we are a third world country. Like we are a puppet state. Well, we just might be, soon, if this incredible indifference keeps up. Calling reports of interference laughable and ridiculous, Kellyanne Conway leaps to his defense. It’s her job, of course. But it’s a job that really takes some developed skill to be good at.

Trump calls reports laughable and ridiculous that Russians have tried to interfere in American politics. Long ago Trump denied having any connection to Russia whatsoever. This is, of course after he spent a lot of time publicly boasting about Putin’s praise of him. Here’s a clip of him bragging about being called a geinus, for example.

I’m not asking you to watch it, just wanted to include it in case someone did. In the later part of the clip he also describes Hillary’s efforts to destroy women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct, despite the fact that there is no evidence of her taking actions to do so. (If she actually had tried to, there would be a lot of records of it. Meanwhile, when several women accused Trump of sexual misconduct, he publicly threatened lawsuits against all of them. One of the most ironic things about Trump is how much he’s guilty of the very things he accuses a lot of other people of doing). Remember him saying how he never met Putin during the campaign? He said it, despite the existence of clips like this:

And there are at least a couple others I could search up and include if I wanted to as well.

He tried to make it seem like he had no connection to Russia:

However, several big deals with Russian Oligarchs are indeed known. See, one of the things about Trump is that his credit is garbage. Not a lot of people know this, but it is. His organization has turned to a lot of foreign investment for finance, I don’t know if exactly how much is known, but it is significant. Which is why his conflicts of interest as well as his decision to keep his taxes secret (after promising to release them after the election is over) is so worrying.

So, not only the department of Homeland Security but now the CIA have issued statements confirming their belief that Russia did indeed meddle in elections. Here’s the Homeland Security report

The CIA report has been reported by several outlets, but their official report doesn’t seem to be public. At least I can’t find it. However, the consensus is that there was indeed an internal CIA report.

Can’t blame Trump for not knowing the ins and outs of these reports, since he seems to be skipping a large percentage of his own intelligence briefings. When questioned about it, he literally said he could because “I’m, like, a smart person”. This despite he blasted Obama earlier for missing his own briefings, although no where near as many as Trump is missing right now:

Who knows what the next 4 years are going to bring. But Trump tried to make it seem like he didn’t have connections to Russia. However, many details have come out. Some new, deep connection to Russia seems to be revealed every day. And what was with Paul Manifort, who took over 10 million in payments from a pro-Russian group in the Ukrane, and did it secretly?

Having our elections meddled in by foreign interests is NO LAUGHING MATTER. But Trump, who ran a campaign that surpassed even the lowest of my low expectations for what passes for acceptable honesty standards in politics, (of course depending on which bubble you live in you might not even be aware),  seems to think that it is. Know who has elections that get meddled in? Third world countries and puppet states. Is that us? Is it?

And Kellyanne Conway leaps to his defense with mind boggling deftness and misdirection.

I never thought I’d see the day.



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